How google changing everyday life of indian

Google is a multinational, publicly-traded organization built around the company’s hugely popular search engine. Google’s other enterprises include Internet analytics, cloud computing, advertising technologies, and Web app, browser and operating system development.Google is a search engine that can be employed to find a variety of information such as websites, pictures, maps .It uses a computer program called a ‘web crawler’ that looks at the billions of websites available on the World Wide Web and examines their content to find ‘keywords’. Then it indexes these to make the websites easier for the search engine to find. So if you type the word ‘holidays’ in the search box, for instance, Google will then show you all the websites with holiday information.Technology is part of culture — every culture. Therefore it is incorrect to say that technology is changing the culture of India (or any other country). India, however, is changing the culture of technology. And that, to me, is what really matters.
Until India became a technological super-power, technology was used mostly to increase production.
India is probably the first country in the world to use technology to improve quality of life. We don’t, therefore, have companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel, Firefox, IBM, Adobe, and others, in India. Rather, India uses the resources that these big companies provide to improve quality of life in India.India is an open system, not a closed one. Therefore, we don’t need to build firewalls to shut out Google and nor do our industrialists need to hide the working conditions of their employees.
Google’s key benefits and features:
  • Now days people are well aware with latest techonology through which we can find are query answer in easiest way .
  • Infact each and every aspect of life has changed dramatically due all pervasive modern technologies
  • We don’t even have to go downstairs to the department store (we do out of years of habit, but it’s not required) – a few clicks on Flipkart or Grofers or Big Basket, and ou atta and rajma is at our doorstep.
  • Google help us in internet banking.
  • Google helps us in our study too.we can find the topic on it related to are studies.
  • We can do searches just in the Uk or all over the world.
  • There’s a simple search box into which you can type your query.
  • Answers are provided almost instantly.
  • You can choose to search for websites, images, news, maps and much more.
  • It will make suggestions for alternative search terms if you misspell a word or name.
  • It also produced its own web browser, Google Chrome. The company has a huge commercial side, creating and placing the adverts you often see on websites. Google Analytics is a free service that can provide an enormous amount of information on how a website is working.
  • Technologies have affected the above aspects of Indians. Point by point.We are valuing mobile handsets more and more now days.So the priest is too busy, can’t tell us yet whether he will be around for performing our rituals – promises to message us on Whatsapp or Facebook.
  • Large number of people are learning & preforming through google. English has become much more pervasive in India through it we can learn english language easily.
  • In google we can find various forms of western dances quite well due to incentivisation over digital TV technology.
  • Google help us in to check our horoscope but the astrologer too pricey? Welcome to Mobile Horoscope(Old one, I know!).It is cheapest way to see our horosocope online .
  • Technology has touched human life in almost every possible way. Wherever we see today, we can see the effects of technology. It has become an important part of our lives and now it could be difficult for one to even imagine spending a day without any connect to technology.In the past our communication was centered around writing letters and waiting for response. But today we can connect to our loved ones within minutes through latest technology like (facebook, Twitter , skype ,whatapp & google duo).These are  latest communication technology through which we can connect to our relatives & friends face-to-face.
  • Self-driving cars:Chances are the first self-driven car in the world will be a Google automobile, if not a Tesla, as Google has been conducting since 2009. Now Google has an independent company, called Waymo, to lead its self-driving car initiative.
  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning:Google’s artificial intelligence research branch, DeepMind, could soon be a household name. It was responsible for  AI AlphaGo, that beat  world’s top Go player in 2017, and is still working towards making more efficient AI that learns from you, as well as its own mistakes, over time.
  • YouTube:free video hosting and streaming service. Each month, over 3.25 billion hours of YouTube video is consumed around the world. It has changed  way we watch videos.
Here are few example of how Google changes are life & shaping our culture.:-1.2. Nowdays we do not go to library because google is here for help.
 How it works on searching data :-
  1. First type in google search engine (what you want to search ).
  2. It fetches the data from back servers related to our searches within few seconds.
  3. Then it shows the data realted our search .
  4. Then we can collect the data from it.
These are few steps how google searches the data from back servers & it totally changes everyday life of our.
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