How to colorize black and white photos

Black & white photo memories are more precious part for our life .we can easily coloured our black & white photo .Today we have more advance feature to change are black & white photo to coloured. Old photo or recently captured black and white photos can come alive if they are colourised. Adding color to monochrome photos is complicated process  to spend ours paying attention .each pixel will be in right place, but last several years this process has become much easier. Online tools, apps, and photo editing software can make the process of colorizing a photo so simple that even a child could do it.If you are looking for some best photo editors to restore your old photos, check out best photo restoration software restore old photo .Before restoring the printed old photos, you may need to scan your old photos first.In this article,  how to colorize your black & white photo & suggest  tools we can use to achieve  best results. Let’s explore different ways of colorizing monochrome photos.
  1. Colorize black & white photos with online tools.
  2.  Photo editing software for colorize the photo .
  3.  Black & white photos can be colorize  by smartphones also.
Colorize black & white photos with online tools:-Editing photos online is way .It provide countless options for photo editing . since, we can edit photo in short period of time. Here’s how you can colorize a photo with an online tool.

1.Colorize it:

People in need of an automatic way to add color to balck & white photo will have a good time using the Colorize .All we need to do is upload your photo or paste URL from place on Internet where you already uploaded your photo and click on the Colorize It button. The algorithm will then automatically add color to your photo, & colorization is complete we will be able to see before & after photos. It service gets its information from millions of images it analyzes & it continues to develop through Deep Learning,  machine learning method that enables AI to improve over time. It create realistic colors on  image it processes,that is why results  get may vary from photo to photo.

2.Colorize Photo Online Converter:-

It service that automatically processes images, Colorize Photo Online Converter enables us to manually add color to our black & white photos. online photo converter lets you copy and add  colors from  photo in color onto  photo we want to colorize. Tools such as Size, Opacity, and Hardness can be utilized to adjust the cursor you are using to add color to the black and white photo, while Size&  Color features.It allow us to select  area from which we are copying color. Users of  Colorize Photo Online Converter can control which areas of black & white photo are colorized . They can also choose intensity of the color they are applying.Adding color to each & every detail in photo can be  tiresome task that take hours, & sometimes even day to complete, which is  reason why this online tool can hardly be described  fast way for colorize photos. On other hand, Colorize Photos Online Converter provides  great level of precision & photos colorized with it look realistic.

Colorize with Photo Editing Software:-

Despite  fact that  photo editing programs for PC or Mac can accomplish nearly any photo editing task, each software requires  certain level of knowledge & skill. Here are  best options we can want to colorize your photos with a photo editing software.

1. Best Choice for Experienced Photo Editors(use photoshop or GIMP):-

Adobe Photoshop is  tool for editing photo in it. Colorizing  photo doesn’t take  half  hour, & hard for someone who never use it.It isn’t free  if we are not considering  career in photo editing .GIMP may be  better choice for colorizing photos.GIMP is an Open Source photo editing software that features nearly all of the options Photoshop has to offer. Whichever of  programs we decide to choose  have to know how to change  mode to CMYK & experience with working with multiple layers will certainly help you save a lot of time. What’s more, in order to colorize a black and white photo, you’ll need a considerable level of skill in fine-tuning tones & colors, but this process may seem difficult only the first time, because with time and practice it becomes nearly a routine operation. The best way to colorize a photo is to use photo editing software, and if you need assistance you can click and follow this step by step tutorial.

2. An Easy Way to Colorize a Photo(Use wondershare fotophire):-

 If we are  highly skilled photo editor we will still need some time to add color to  black & white photo, but  software like Fotophire can help people who’d like to colorize a photo in just a few clicks. photo editing software features numerous photo filters that can be applied to  photo with  single click. we can use filters Blue Wash or Cross Process can add color to  photo within seconds. once we apply photo filter  color will be applied to  entire photo. so , result we will get may not be a photo that has realistic colors.However, once  applied  filter & Adjustments menu where we can try to achieve  more realistic look on  photo by tinkering with Temperature, Hue, or Tone Curve options. The abundance of features offer by Fotophire .To decide exactly which colors we want to add to our photos, & can also fine-tune  intensity of  colors. This software is  easy to use that we can colorize  photo effortlessly . After colorizing the black & white photos, you can take advantage of Fotophire Slideshow Maker, an easy-to-use photo slideshow maker, to make an excellent photo or video slideshow in 3 simple steps

Colorize black and white photos on smartphones:-

Adding color to black & white photos is a fairly simple process .we doesn’t require  a photo editing magician since  Smartphones offer presets or filters that will automatically add color to any photo.

1. Colorize black and white photos on iPhone:-

iPhones offer a lot of built-in photo filters that will enable you to colorize a photo in a split second, but if you would like to use an app that’s designed specifically for colorization of photos you can try using an app such as Wondershare Filmora.This app is free of charge & it provides  users with numerous features that enable them to manipulate color in any way . Recolor option lets you change  color of any detail in your photo, & it can be used efficiently to colorize black & white photos. However,  Recolor feature isn’t free & if you’d like to utilize it, you’ll have to purchase it for $3,99.

2. Colorize black and white photos on Android phones:-

some of filters offered by your phone, but results quite impressive. which is why an app like Polychrome.It can help in colorize our photos properly. The app uses Machine Learning, and with each photo it colorizes it becomes better. The process of adding color to black & white photos is automatic. so ,all we need to do is choose photo we want to colorize and wait for  app do its magic.


Photos often capture memories and with  passage of time these memories fade into black & white, each of  techniques for colorizing photos .we described will bring back your memories in vivid color.
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