Importance of having a printer at home

Importance of printer at home cannot be overlooked if you have children’s at home or you do your some own small business from home. Plus having only black ink printer is not viable since you never know what kind of requirement you shall be having in future. Usually there is a perception that having a printer at home won’t be of much use since we don’t require printing often.
But now a days, studies of children’s at home requires lots of printing (mono and colored both) and higher cost of colored printing from outside shops costs nearly between 10-15rs per page which is way too high. Plus, if you got your own “work from home”, so printer is a must have thing for them. Owing a printer can save you lots of money in future and it’s just one time small investment.
Let’s discuss why having a printer at home is important for us (with interesting usages)For printing Paper craft Models and Prints:-
Paper craft is famously being adopted as a part of studies of children’s these days and even it has taken form of an commercial aspect which requires lots n lots printing at home or office. Even people used to make paper model as per their imaginations. There are lots of designs available on internet for making a paper model and one of the major requirement for making a paper model is having colored printed paper. Hence, printer at home plays a major role in saving costs and time for that.

Importance of printer at home which help in Printing Wall-Size Posters:-

This indeed sounds like a crazy idea but rather than buying a full sized poster from outside, one can print his/her own or their loved ones image in form of block and combine them into a big block poster. There is a site called Block posters which can easily break your image into A4 size and then you can print it, combine back and surprise your loved one by pasting that over the wall of your choice.

Importance of printer at home which will help in printing clear window clings:-

You can cover your clear glass with clear window decals over which you can print your artworks like logos and other information like store hours or discount information. Such decal media also allows you to decorate your windows for party, holidays or even just for fun. These floppy plastic sheets are printable on one side and stick to glass on the other to fulfill the required purpose. However these sheets could be little expensive, but still it won’t cost you more comparing to costing, when you get it built from any custom shop outside.

Importance of printer at home which will help in creating a personalized booklet:-

You can use printer for printing a personalized booklet in which you can store important information like contact nos., personal information related to you like blood type, medications or special instructions given to you by your doctor. Or you can print few games like suduko or similar types which can keep you entertained in your leisure time. Obviously you can all have this on your phone or tablet too, but if such booklet got lost, you won’t regret much. Right?

Importance of printer at home which will help in designing and printing own business card:-

Probably this point won’t sound much interesting to you, but believe me, sometimes when you run out of business card and you got an event next day to attend, getting a good quality glossy paper and printing your own business card really does the task very well in a very short span of time.
Other than these, some normal points of usage of printer at home includes:

Importance of printer at home  which will help in printing of documents:-

We face situations where we need to get some documents printed on urgent priority and having a printer at home comes handy during such time.

Printing of Invoices:-

If you run a small business at home and often you may need to print invoices or challan for official purpose, having a printer shall be most efficient and cost effective idea for you.

Importance of printer at home which will help in printing of pictures:-

Printing good quality images for any purpose at home is the most cost effective idea one could ever have. These days, lots of color prints are required as per course material requirement of children and hence it ‘s a must have thing for saving lots of money in long run.

Ease of Access:-

These days printer no only does the job of printing but they are capable of scanning, copying or even sending a fax of document or image.
Even you can connect your printer to internet all the time, and can send print command from any remote location using your computer, smartphone or tablet to printer for printing purpose. This is such a revolutionary technology for small business owners who requires printing of documents all the time.

Choosing the Right Printer:-

HP-Deskjet-Ink-Advantage-3545-e-All-in-One-Printer-1068x501There are few basic requirements which a printer which fulfill and one must check these features before buying any printer:
  • Printer must be capable of printing at 1200 dpi or 1440 dip dost per inch) as per home usage.
  • Printing speed ppm (pages per minute) is another factor which should be taken into consideration for small business owners.
  • How much prints printer is able to give per cartridge or say how much CPP (cost per page) shall be?
  • The printer must support wireless or wired connection to internet for printing documents or images from remote like from your smartphones, or tablets or even printing via email.
  • At home, an ideal printer input tray capacity should be 50-100 pages and output tray must be 15+ pages.
  • The printer must be able to print multipurpose media like paper, envelope, transparencies, labels or cards.
  • Also it must support for duplex printing which is another way for saving lots of cost of printing.

Printer We Recommend (Which and Why) HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3545 e-All-in-One Printer:-

As per the basic or must have requirements i stated in above points, this printer is an ideal buy for home or small business purpose users. Also HP Ink Advantage has an edge over other printers because of the CPP it offers. Like for a Rs. 450 black cartridge, it offers printing upto 500 pages or Rs. 299 colored cartridges offers prints upto 300 pages which proves them as the most cost efficient printer in its category.
Also major features includes printing dpi of 1200, 3 pages per minute printing speed (colored), approx 1rs per page color printing (CPP), supports wireless printing with required features as stated above, supports printing of multiple types media like Paper, Envelope, Transparencies, Labels, Cards and supports duplex printing as well. Input and output try capacity is satisfactory and is not any point of concern.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an ideal cost effective printer with lower printing cost, HP Ink Advantage is the right choice for it. And as per my knowledge, there is no such other company who offer such lower CPP for color prints and printer cost itself is not very high as per the features it offers. You can find more details about this printer.
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