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Leaf Soap Holder (Pack of 2)

Leaf Soap Holder (Pack of 2)

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Slippery Soap? Reimagine the way you wash your hands Tired of soap slipping around in your hands? Try the Leafology Soap Holder for bathrooms and kitchens! This clever dispenser turns your soap into a lean, clean, mess-free machine. A GROUND-BREAKING DESIGN It’s so simple, it’s genius. Water flows directly into the sink from the diversion port, making it easier and more convenient than ever to wash your hands with your favorite bar of soap. An advanced V-shaped drain outlet design keeps your soap dry and accessible at all times. Made using high-quality ABS material, the Klasio Soap Holder is safe for your hands and the Earth. It’s also incredibly durable, built to last for years to come. Pick from a range of stylish colors and install it in your bathroom or kitchen in seconds, with an easy underside suction cup. Once in place, your Soap Holder will stay put! The fact that the Soap Holder is so beautiful is a bonus! Did You Know…? …You can use the Leafology Soap Hold

Type: Bathroom Accessories
Material: Plastic
Country of Origin: India

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